Debra Sweet is the National Director of World Can't Wait. Richard Nixon refused to speak to the press for six months after the US invasion of Cambodia. When he finally appeared before the White House press corps, it was to make awards for service and bravery to Young Americans, whom he said were "not out protesting". I was 19. When he handed me the award, I told him that he was responsible for killing millions of people in southeast Asia. He got angry, turned and left the room, making a front page story and international news. Antiwar sentiment had seeped into the Blue Room and was pervading every part of US society - not to mention the world. The Emperor had no clothes, and when someone says that; an Eartha Kitt, a Debra Sweet, a Cindy Sheehan, it can galvanize others to speak and act on the truth. There are millions out there who can take inspiration, and act. The end of the story isn't written yet...

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