Joshua Brewster Bolten (born August 16 1954) is the current White House Chief of Staff serving U.S. President George W. Bush. Bolten replaced Andrew Card on April 14, 2006.

On June 13, 2007, the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to Bolten for documents related to the dismissal of U.S. attorneys. The subpoena had a deadline of June 28.[7] On Wednesday, July 25, 2007, the House Judiciary Committee voted 22-17 to cite Bolten for contempt of Congress for his failure to produce the documents in response to its subpoena.[8] On Feb. 14, 2008, the full House of Representatives voted to cite him for contempt by a vote of 223-32. Many Republicans walked out of the chamber in protest, deriding the priorities of the speaker in calling the vote, as opposed to a vote on a surveillance bill.

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